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Wesley Glen Ministries Certificate Investments Help Churches and Nonprofits Fulfill Their Mission

Posted: January 01, 2024
Wesley Glen Ministries Group at Sign

Cameron Bishop, Wesley Glen MinistriesWesley Glen Ministries is a Christian organization that helps to enrich and empower the lives of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities via residential and day programming services in Macon and St Marys. In 2011, Wesley Glen obtained a loan from the Georgia United Methodist Foundation to purchase a former district superintendent’s parsonage. This loan, funded by investments in the Foundation’s Certificate Program, was used to convert the parsonage into a new home for its residents.

Nine years later, Wesley Glen joined other Methodist churches, nonprofits, individuals, and families by investing in the Foundation’s Certificate Program. This investment practice continues today under the leadership of President and CEO Cameron T. Bishop, who joined the Wesley Glen team in 2022.

“I did not realize the Foundation provided the loan for the parsonage,” Bishop said. “Given what I just learned about the loan Wesley Glen Ministries received, I feel proud that our invested funds are helping other churches and nonprofits fulfill their mission.”

Bishop first became aware of the Foundation while working for The Methodist Home for Children and Youth. “In moving to Wesley Glen, I had the privilege of learning more through Dr. Rick Lanford (Foundation Regional Vice President). Aside from serving on Wesley Glen’s Board of Directors (currently Vice Chair), Rick is a “fan favorite” among the residents. Rick and his wife, Kim, have developed a deep relationship with many of our residents and frequently double-date with Liddy and Andy, one of Wesley Glen’s couples. As a new CEO, I have valued Rick’s willingness to generously share his knowledge, expertise, connections, and wisdom. When I call Rick, he picks up the phone!”

Rick adds, “It is a joy partnering with Wesley Glen and helping them achieve their mission by investing their assets with the Foundation. Thanks to our higher certificate rates, they almost doubled their return.”

Bishop elaborates on Wesley Glen’s partnership with the Foundation. “Trust is the foundation of teamwork, and I have found that the Foundation is not just a financial services provider but a valued member of Wesley Glen’s team,” he said. “Last year, when our Board voted to invest $500,000 with the Foundation, I expected a degree of “debate” amongst our board members. However, I witnessed a relatively brief conversation (Yes, questions were asked, especially around FDIC insurance). Notwithstanding, the decision was relatively quick and unanimous. To me, this spoke volumes that despite the diversity of knowledge and experience in the room, there was a high degree of trust in the Foundation.

“There are five reasons Wesley Glen invests in the Foundation’s Certificate Program:

  1.  The Foundation’s mission is faith-based. Simply put, the entire Foundation team places their ultimate trust in God.
  2. Relationships matter, and while Wesley Glen invests money with the Foundation, the Foundation is investing relational capital with Wesley Glen.
  3. Return on money invested.
  4. The Foundation invests in us via sponsorships and fundraising events.
  5. Many of our donors also trust the Foundation.”