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Missional Impact of Certificate Investment Matters Most to GNTV

Posted: November 29, 2023

Rev. David Wood, GNTV Executive Director

For over 40 years, GNTV in Macon has provided comprehensive live, in-person event support, including all aspects of the technical production services, to ensure that their partners’ mission, ministry, and programs are conveyed concisely and effectively. As a nonprofit, GNTV is committed to helping faith-based, educational, governmental, and civic organizations be good stewards of their resources.

“GNTV is a new partner with the Georgia United Methodist Foundation,” said Dr. Rick Lanford, Foundation Regional Vice President and chair of GNTV’s board of directors. “They decided to invest in our Certificate Program because of the higher rates, and most importantly because the funds are used to help Methodist churches throughout the State of Georgia achieve their purpose and mission.”

In this Q&A, GNTV Executive Director Rev. David Wood provides additional insight into its organization and partnership with the Foundation.

Q: What would you like our readers to know about GNTV?
Rev. Wood: GNTV’s passion is to help church events have great technological experiences. The interns that go through GNTV’s program every year learn skills that have impacted the church across the denomination, as those young people have often remained active in the media ministries of the local churches where they are. GNTV values long-term relationships and has strived to ensure we care for our partners and their ministry work, with many partnerships lasting over 20 years.

Q: How would you describe the partnership between GNTV and the Foundation?
Rev. Wood: The Foundation provides a secure way to hold our long-term emergency resources. The Foundation’s mission also aligns closely with ours as they seek to help churches and church-related institutions with financing for projects to support ministry.

Q: What are the top reasons GNTV invested in the Foundation’s Certificate Program?
Rev. Wood: The Certificate Program offered an attractive rate of return, and its rates were consistently higher than those offered by other institutions. Securing our funds this way allowed us to ensure that the money was being used well with the focus on supporting ministry. Other reasons include the Foundation’s consistent leadership and investment results, and the staff are great to work with. They are attentive and take care of details effectively and clearly and deliberately answer questions.

Q: Could you please talk about the missional impact of GNTV’s investment, which provides the funds for the Foundation to lend to Methodist churches and nonprofits?
Rev. Wood: The missional aspect of our investment is the most important reason the Foundation holds the bulk of our emergency reserves. Our work at GNTV has always been about strengthening the work of the collective church by enhancing ministry, mission, and how to share faith.

Q: What are the advantages of partnering with the Foundation versus a for-profit financial institution?
Rev. Wood: The Foundation has a long history of serving churches that GNTV has worked with on upgrades and expansions. The ease of the process and the reliability of many years of experience make the Foundation an ideal partner. The Foundation focuses more on our ministry work than any for-profit financial institution. With the banks we have used over the years, the relationship is sometimes better than transactional, but as staff and leadership change, so does that better working relationship. From my experience, the Foundation has offered consistent ministry-centered partnerships for a long time through numerous staffing and leadership changes. The flexibility that the Foundation offers, which is different from the rules of a for-profit institution, has worked well during this period of radical interest rate changes.

Q: Why does GNTV invest in the Foundation’s Certificate Program even though it is not FDIC insured?
Rev. Wood: GNTV appreciates the Foundation’s transparency by posting its annual audits easily accessible on its website. While past performance is no guarantee of future performance, the Foundation makes clear, deliberate decisions in handling its investments and other investments.