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Certificate Investors Earn More While Supporting the Church’s Mission

Posted: May 24, 2023
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The Georgia United Methodist Foundation’s Certificate Program is an impactful investment opportunity that offers spiritual and financial rewards. You earn higher returns than similar instruments. Your fixed-rate investment provides funds for loans to United Methodist churches and nonprofits wishing to refinance debt, build, expand, or renovate facilities for sustaining ministry. And, you save more while receiving peace of mind knowing your investment helps churches and nonprofits be good stewards of the resources entrusted to them by God.

Three agencies in South Georgia, the Foundation for The Methodist Home, Wesley Glen Ministries, and GNTV share why they invest their assets in the Foundation’s Certificate Program.

The Foundation of The Methodist Home Investment is a Win-Win

“We have invested our money with the Foundation so it can grow on our behalf, and we will have more have more mission dollars to help the children. Our investment helps us, and the Foundation can also use that money to lend to Methodist organizations. It’s a win-win.”
– Caroline D. Edenfield, The Foundation of The Methodist Home President/Chief Executive Officer




Top Reasons Wesley Glen Ministries Invests

“We invest because:
1. The Foundation’s mission is faith-based.
2. Relationships matter.
3. Return on money invested.
4. The Foundation’s investment in Wesley Glen Ministries via sponsorships, etc.
5. A large number of our donors also trust the Foundation.”
– Cameron Bishop, Wesley Glen Ministries President/CEO



Missional Impact Matters Most to GNTV

“The missional impact of our investment is the most important reason the Foundation holds the bulk of our emergency reserves. Our work at GNTV has always been about strengthening the work of the collective church.”
– Rev. David Wood, GNTV Executive Director