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Mission-Driven Lending Solutions

Posted: May 30, 2023
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As a connectional ministry specializing in loans to Methodist churches and nonprofits, the Georgia United Methodist Foundation has your best interests at heart. Whether you wish to refinance debt, build, expand, or renovate facilities, we understand the challenges involved with financing and provide the leadership and expertise to help your ministry thrive into the future. In this article, the senior pastors from Birmingham UMC and Johns Creek UMC and the executive director of North Georgia Camp & Retreat Ministries share why the Foundation is their lender of choice.

Birmingham UMC Reinvests Savings From Refinance Into Children’s and Youth Ministries

“When Birmingham UMC refinanced our mortgage loan with the Foundation, we entered into a unique ministry partnership. The Foundation is supportive of our church’s mission and ministry in ways that commercial lenders would not be.”

– Rev. Mike Morgan, Birmingham UMC Senior Pastor



“The loan with the Foundation saved Birmingham UMC $48,000 per year and freed up funds to hire more experienced people for the children’s and youth ministries. As a result, more young families are attending Birmingham UMC. It was wonderful working with an organization that has as its mission to support Methodist churches.”

 – Larry Peterson, Birmingham UMC Finance Committee / Administrative Council Liaison and Retired Banker


Refinance Gives Johns Creek UMC Peace of Mind

“The United Methodist Church is the essence of who we are. It feels right that our church is partnering with the Foundation. We are grateful we have people supporting us who truly understand us, our ministry, history, denomination, and how the church operates.”

– Rev. Dr. Charley Reeb, former Senior Pastor of Johns Creek UMC




“We love and support the critical mission work the Foundation performs for The United Methodist Church. Refinancing gave us peace of mind that we would properly budget our debt service through the upcoming years and properly plan to retire this debt.”

– George Wilson, Johns Creek UMC Church Administrator



Expedited Loan Closing Helps North Georgia Camp & Retreat Ministries Acquire Critical Land

“Whether we’re acting on years of careful planning or are presented with a long-dreamt of strategic opportunity like this property acquisition, the Foundation has the resources to help us manage the assets that make ministry visions possible.”

– C. Russell Davis, North Georgia Camp & Retreat Ministries Executive Director



A Word From Our Loan Committee Chair and Wesleyan Impact Partners

“I am proud of the Foundation’s lending team and excited about the growth of our Loan Program. They produce quality loans and regularly evaluate the grading of the loans to ensure our loan portfolio is high quality. As a result, the Foundation is developing a reputation in the loan area for helping churches and nonprofits strategize on projects and assisting with structuring appropriate financing. In addition to routine loans, we have developed a great loan participation partnership with Wesleyan Impact Partners, which allows us to offer larger loans to our clients.”

– Rev. Dr. William Bert Neal III, Georgia United Methodist Foundation Loan Committee Chair


“We partner with local foundations to provide additional financial capabilities. With Birmingham UMC and Johns Creek UMC, we helped the Foundation refinance their loans and ultimately saved the churches money so they could reinvest those dollars into the mission and ministry of their local communities.”

– J. David McCaskill, Wesleyan Impact Partners Senior Vice President and Treasurer