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Why the Foundation’s Interest Rates Are Increasing

Posted: September 18, 2023
Rev. Keith E. Lawder, President and CEO

By Rev. Keith E. Lawder, Georgia United Methodist Foundation President and CEO

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your questions about what is going on with interest rates. Some folks want to know why interest rates are “upside down” (short-term rates for certificates are higher than long-term rates) and others want to know when interest rates for loans will stop going up. These are good questions. The answer to the first is that most investors expect interest rates to fall at some point and return to the customary pattern. Unfortunately, the answer to the second question is no one knows when that will happen.

At the Georgia United Methodist Foundation, we follow the market trends. We change our rates from time to time as needed so that our rates are attractive. Because these changes seem to be happening more frequently, it is wise to check with us for the latest rates when making decisions.

We appreciate your support of the Foundation. Please contact us at 770-449-6726 or if we can answer any questions.


Rev. Keith E. Lawder

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